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Emotion Focused Therapy

As an EFT therapist, I validate the partners’ emotions and attachment needs, respond genuinely to the partners individually, and evoke the two partners’ own ability to heal themselves and their relationship. EFT has several strengths for getting couples on the road to recovery.

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Systems Theory Therapy

Systems theory offers family counselors both a conceptual and a practical framework for organizing diagnostic information and evaluating presenting problems. This innovative approach has been very critical to providing a framework for counselors to diagnose and present information to patients. Systems theory is very helpful for dysfunctional families and overall family treatment.

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Counseling for Couples

Couples counseling can be helpful in any stage of a serious relationship. Couples often think you only need counseling if there are problems but couples counseling can help avoid more serious issues from developing later. I help my couples see why each partner responds in the surprising, sometimes hurtful ways they do. It is probably not for the reasons you think!

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About Me

I truly enjoy working with couples on issues of trust and communication. My goal is to bolster your emotional bond with your partner, for a lifetime of love and connection. My office is located off of Interstate 5 near the intersection of College Street and 6th Avenue.

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